Are you covered by Landlords Insurance?

For both investors and landlords it is highly recommended having comprehensive insurance, both for their buildings and for the contents in them, when buying property to let. There is on the market, a great choice of insurers providing landlords insurance, but it is advisable to choose one with both longstanding experience and reputable and professional approach to ones needs. It is possible to have a policy tailor made for you, in preference to a standard policy offer. Insurance quotes overall are highly competitive, so getting a good deal for landlords property and landlords contents insurance is certainly not a difficult procedure.

As a rule, the cover provided, is for hazards such as fire, lightening, earthquake, subsidence, escaping water and flood, ground heave and landslip, riot, theft, and malicious damage to the property. A standard residential home- owner’s policy does not cover all these risks, and furthermore it is not specialised enough for a landlords needs.

Property owner’s liability is essential for a landlord, as it covers against claims that could arise if a tenant incurs any injury. This, among other conditions is one of the reasons why it is worthwhile spending some time in reading the small print on a quote, before putting pen to paper and signing for an insurance policy.

Any building and its contents are prone to risk of damage and other unexpected incidents, and a rented out property is a more likely target for such incidents. Usually with renting out you are letting a complete stranger have use of your property, which is an enormous and probably one of the biggest investments for you to have undertaken.

Landlord Contents Insurance

This insurance is a protection for landlords for contents of the rented out property that are owned by the landlord. It relates to curtains, carpeting, or other furnishings and appliances, such as cookers, microwaves fridges, washing machines, or dishwashers, that the landlord may supply included let with the property. Cost of the landlord contents insurance premium is issued on top of another insurance policy the landlord has taken, but it may be bought as a separate policy.

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Landlord Insurance


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