Chauffeur Insurance has some major misnomers to it. For one thing, this form of insurance does not function like taxi insurance. As a matter of fact this insurance is completely different. There are some distinct differences in this insurance.

A chauffer business is classified as a business which uses executive cars. These vehicles are required to have pre-booked appointments and do not possess a two-way radio or CB radio. They are usually called upon by large businesses and other high profile clients. This insurance is required by law because once again you are dealing with a third party, this covers all liability where the third party is concerned.

Chauffeur Insurance has a number of optional packages. These packages include but are not limited to property insurance, which covers your property and car. For when you park your vehicle in a garage of your own or elsewhere it covers damage in the form of fire, flood, theft or other unforeseen events.

The second is employee insurance. This insurance covers liabilities with the employees who drive the vehicles. It also covers those who work on the vehicles under your employee of your business. Anyone who is injured on the job is covered under this policy.

The third option of this insurance is called business interruption cover; this covers you if you are out of business due to your vehicle breaking down or being damaged and out of commission. The fourth option is the money insurance cover, which covers the money lost form your vehicles or once again property damage or theft of anything stolen.

These four options make up the bulk of the Chauffeur Insurance which covers luxury cars. This insurance is a must for anyone who offers this form of luxury car chauffeur service. Your clients will thank you in the end!

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