Cheapest Shop Insurance for Fish and Chip and Toy Shops

Shop insurance is a vital thing to purchase to ensure you are protected against risks. Even if your shop is flourishing one accident or mistake can invalidate all your efforts. The cheapest shop insurance will safeguard your property, employees and stock from an unwanted incident. Even a simple stock transfer can result in an expensive nightmare if it goes wrong.

What is covered with shop insurance?
Standard shop insurance will cover your shop contents – this is any accidental loss or damage done to the furnishings and products within the shop. Legal expenses in the case of a law suit being filed against your company. Loss of license and any business interruption such as a flood or fire will be compensated by shop insurance. As well as this your shop needs the interaction with its customers and employees to be covered in case anything happens to a third party and can be related your shop. For example if a member of the public tripped or fell in your shop then they could prosecute you. In the same way if you have one employee or more by law you are required to have employer’s liability insurance. If an employee is sick or injured either at work or as a result of work done at the shop then they can also file a suit against your shop. Shops also have the additional value of their stock which would be protected by shop insurance too.

Do you need shop insurance?
If you are a shop owner it is highly unlikely that you will have no employees and it’s impossible to have no interaction with a third party if wanting to sell products so shop insurance is a must if you own a shop. Even if you have very small premises shop insurance should still be a priority. In the UK market today people are quick to try and claim if something goes wrong and defending reputation can be just as hazardous as physical damage. You cannot foresee when something might go wrong no matter how diligent you are so it is better to be safe than regret it later.

Make sure…Although many online shop insurance sites and companies offer cheap shop insurance you need to deliberate which option is best for you even if it requires spending a little more money. Consider what you need to be covered by shop insurance and speak to fully-qualified, reliable professionals before purchasing your shop insurance.

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