Cycling Insurance Helps Save Replacement Bikes From Theft

Cycling or bicycle insurance is one of the least-likely things you’ve probably thought about buying but as there are over 3 million cyclists in the UK riding their bikes to work and even more that cycle in their spare time, the risk of theft, damage or injury is very high. Unfortunately, people who are trying to keep fit, lower their commuting costs and using their bicycle for work means there is a high-danger of being hit by a vehicle, having the bike stolen or miss out on insurance claims as they expect their home insurance to cover anything to do with their bicycle.

This isn’t always the case and many home insurance policies even state that once the bicycle is not in the home, it cannot be insured and that’s why insurance for your bicycle is recommended. Many people buy mid-range bicycles which might cost £500-£1,000 but there are some that can cost upwards of £4,000, which is more expensive than some cars! With 300,000 bicycles stolen in the UK each year, it’s vitally important to protect your assets, just as you would any other.

As bicycles are relatively easy to steal and bump into for those unsuspecting road users, the rate of bicycle claims has risen dramatically over the last few years. With an importance of reducing the amount of car use people take up, cycling insurance is starting to replace people’s car insurance as many people in London sell their cars and rely on travelling around on a bike for transport.

Whether it’s a trip overseas, lots of town riding and parking the bike outside of your workplace or shops, this type of insurance for bikes is a very good idea. Imagine if you’re due to meet someone after work and your bicycle is stolen? It’s not only inconvenient at that time, but it makes getting to work the next day a bind, too. If you value your bike and don’t want to have to stump up the funds to replace it, then look into buying bicycle insurance. While a lock and insurance might not stop thieves, it can certainly mean you will get a replacement or funds to replace it within no time.

Cycling insurance might not be the first thing you think of when you’re pedalling around town, but it’s worthwhile, especially if you have an expensive bike or rely on it heavily for transport to and from your workplace.

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