Does Group Critical Illness cover pre-existing conditions?

There’s one thing that employees want from their workplace – security. When you have group critical illness cover, that’s what you’re offering them. It gives them the peace of mind to work efficiently without worrying about what happens if they get sick.

But the question of pre-existing conditions remains. Are your staff covered if they already have something they are suffering from? The answer isn’t a straight yes or no, but we cover all the bases in this detailed guide to help you choose the right coverage.

What is Group Critical Illness Cover? 

Group critical illness cover is an insurance policy that works to protect your employees if they fall ill and are diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, a heart attack, or a stroke. A whole range of critical conditions tends to be covered, offering a large security net.

It tends to pay out fairly quickly, and some policies will even allow for immediate family (such as a spouse and children) to be covered as well. This provides a larger security blanket for your employee and means that you’ll have happier and more focused staff.

Does it Cover Pre-Existing Conditions? 

If you purchase a standard group critical illness policy, it will not cover any pre-existing conditions. In order for them to be covered, you will generally have to upgrade your plan which is more expensive, but will also give peace of mind to staff with pre-existing conditions.

However, there are some terms that come with this upgrade. The employee in question cannot be suffering from the condition when the policy starts. They must be clear and recovered from the condition, such as a heart attack, in order to be covered by the policy.

If the policy has been extended to immediate family, the same applies here as well. The family member in question must have already recovered and be cleared from the condition before the critical illness cover can be applied to them.

Is Group Critical Illness Cover Worth it? 

Group critical illness cover is definitely worth it. Not only does it protect your employees if they come down with a severe illness, but it also means that they can get straight to treatment and recovery thanks to the excellent healthcare plans available.

In addition to covering a wide range of conditions, it also provides your employees with support networks where they can get help and speak to someone when they need it most. This includes things like second opinion services as well as cancer support and helplines.

Mental health is also covered, including within the pre-existing conditions clause, and as workplaces are becoming more aware of mental health struggles it is refreshing to see so many plans including it in their coverage.

To Conclude

While the coverage for pre-existing conditions can be a little complicated and cost more, the employees that you cover using it will be exceptionally thankful. It builds a sense of loyalty and security, leaving you with staff that feel happy in their work environment and know that they are being valued by their employer.

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