Goods in Transit Insurance

When you are in the business of delivering items, it is really in the best interest of your establishment to have Goods in Transit Insurance. There are all sorts of risks which anyone runs when they transport goods either short or long distance.

GIT Insurance cover a wide variety of different elements such as theft of items while in transit. The policy also covers loss of items while in transit. Also, as accidents are commonplace on the road, this form of insurance helps you in the event of damage caused by an accident not the fault of your driver. This also covers all forms of damage caused by various reasons during transit. This form of insurance also covers individual vehicles or an entire fleet of vehicles.

To qualify for this cover your drivers need to meet a few qualifications. They need to have a clean and perfect driving record, no criminal records and be of age. This depends on the type of business and type of vehicle that will be driven – this can be either eighteen years of age all the way up to twenty one years of age.

Don’t confuse this with insurance which covers your vehicle or your drivers. This insurance if for the items on-board your vehicle.  Loss or damaged goods while in transit can be very common and it is important for you and your clients to be covered for the loss of any item, and how this will affect your business and your customers. From the moment someone drops an item off with your company to the moment your driver delivers it to the destination intended that item is covered. This also applies to items which are picked up. From the moment you hand that item over to the intended driver your item is safely covered.

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