Health insurance Northern Ireland

If considering your options for health insurance Northern Ireland, you are most likely to be extremely surprised to see how expensive it can really be. Especially today, prices and rates for health insurance can be exorbitant; therefore you should consider the factors that affect health insurance and how you can acquire better rates, paying less money.

Factors that affect health insurance Northern Island premiums

Basically there are two factors that affect health insurance premiums the most; the first is the personal health of the person to be insured his family health history. Personal and family health can be of significant importance when getting medical insurance, because an over burdened medical history sets someone in the group of high risk people.

In any case, before getting any medical insurance you will need to present the family history and undergo some medical tests that will determine your real health condition. This is a measure taken by insurance companies against possible fraudulent actions. Some of the medical conditions considered in medical insurance are diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and any heat disease. Smoking is also an issue, as for insurance companies it is a reason to increase premiums. In some cases, insurance companies do not even accept to insure smokers, unless they quit smoking once and for all. For some people family history could also be a great problem even if they are perfectly healthy, as insurance companies pay much attention to hereditary diseases and conditions.

Age is also an issue, although no one can really estimate how age can weigh on the premiums unless you are over 60 years old. People over that age will definitely have higher health insurance premiums, because they are at high risk age group. There is an algorithm that calculates the weight of age factor to the premium, but it is different between different companies.

Individual policy or work based coverage: this is also a factor that affects the health insurance Northern Ireland. If you have a group policy based on work you will have lower premiums compared to an individual policy and in addition in job based policies a part of the premiums is paid by the employer.

Always keep in mind that in some cases the premiums of health insurance Northern Ireland might be reduced when you get a package of insurance policy, combined with something else, like travel insurance for instance.

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