Important Benefits Included in Your Taxi Fleet Insurance Policy

Taxi insurance companys will often encourage taxi firms to take out fleet insurance because it’s easier for all involved, and many of these taxi insurance companys will offer significant discounts for those who insure their fleet under the same policy.

However when you are looking in to purchasing taxi fleet insurance you should take into account the key benefits which can be a valuable asset to your insurance policy. None of these are required by law, and not all taxi firms will need them, but it’s highly recommended that you make sure they are included in your insurance policy just to be on the safe side.

Cornerstone Benefits

One cornerstone benefit which all taxi companies should look for in their insurance policy is cover for legal claims. Also known as a ‘free legal claims’ policy, this will prevent you from paying out extortionate legal costs in the event of an accident involving one of your drivers.

Furthermore, some taxi insurance companys can be a hassle to get a hold of at the best of times, but if your insurance company includes a free 24 hour claims management service then this can be an incredibly useful tool because your taxis may run early in the morning or late into the night.

Additional Benefits

If you or your passenger is carrying any of their personal belongings in one of your cars and they are damaged then many people will make a claim against you. But if your policy has cover for personal belongings or goods in transit then it will protect you against these claims.

Perhaps the most important thing for any taxi company is the option of utilising a replacement car should one of your cars be out of action. Sometimes cars can be out of action for weeks, months, or even completely, so a replacement car means that you can keep on working while your car is in the garage.

Finding the cheapest insurance policy possible is very important for taxi companies these days, especially if they are a new business, so no claims bonuses and introductory discounts can be especially useful if you can find an insurance company which offers one or both of these.

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