Landlord Liability Insurance

If you are a Landlord in the United Kingdom and planning to rent your property in the near future, then before actually trying to find tenant it is best to first look for a Landlord liability insurance provider.

Landlord liability insurance comes within the niche of landlord building insurance. This is very important for a landlord as it will provide cover for them in case one of the tenant family members meets with an accident.  They have adequate rights to claim compensation for the medical expenses incurred. In order to face the claims made by the tenant, the landlord has to have landlord liability insurance.

In addition to the damages caused to the tenant family members, tenants have the right to claim damages from the property owner if any of their belongings become damaged due to the faulty nature of the property.

In addition to landlord’s public liability insurance, some landlords also have to choose employer’s liability insurance, if they are using their property to carry out business. When landlords carry out business on the property, they usually look for employees to do the various functions of the business. When employees working in the property are injured due to the faulty installation of certain facilities on the property, the employees have the right to file a claim against the property owner asking them to compensate for the medical expenses incurred. In such a scenario the property owner will have to pay from his/her pocket, if they have not taken out employer’s liability insurance. By getting that liability cover, they can pay the damages claimed by their employees and get a refund from the insurance company with which they have taken out employer’s liability cover.

There are many online quote comparison providers that provide insurance premium quotes of the different insurance companies that provide landowner liability insurance. By comparing the quotes of different providers and also the coverage options included as part of the insurance package you can opt for the right landowner liability insurance.

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