Lorry Insurance is a type of truck driving insurance which is for drivers who drive specific types of trucks. These can include anything from articulated lorries, rigid body lorries, flatbed lorries, pantechnicons, tankers and skip carriers.

This form of insurance is especially important if you are transporting items via a lorry through or across Europe.

This insurance will cover most goods with the exception of anything considered hazardous. Hazardous goods transportation requires a very different form of insurance. This insurance works in conjunction with other driving insurances and like most insurances there are specifications which each driver must meet in order to qualify for the coverage. This is the age of the driver; the length of time the driver has been operating and travelling on the road. A driver’s driving record must be clean and spotless, devoid of traffic violations as well as how far the driver is travelling on a regular basis. Also the type of vehicle which is being used since compare Lorry Insurance will only cover specific types of vehicles.

This insurance is highly recommended although it is one of the few insurance policies not considered mandatory by law. Sometimes in the event of an accident there are always going to be legal fees and even that of a court settlement. These payments can be larger financial burdens for someone who does not have this type of coverage. Paying out of pocket can ruin most people and most businesses.

By having this form of insurance you not only protect your business but you protect yourself from personally being attacked for an accident which is not your fault as well as insuring the items and goods in which you are transporting. Also in the event that your lorry cannot function or is damaged you become insured for the loss of business as well.

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