Musical Instrument Insurance Protects Your Investment

Musical instrument insurance might not be the first thing you think about when you’re strumming your Fender or playing a few chords on your Steinbeck, but if you’ve already stumped up a hefty amount of cash on your musical instrument then you should really think about insuring it. Many people don’t just play an instrument for fun they might be buskers, play in a band, be a piano teacher or make money in other ways from their instrument and without insurance, if it were to become damaged, lost or stolen, that would make you unable to earn money.

Many people have vintage or old musical instruments that are very expensive but still used regularly and these are instruments that should definitely be insured. Many home-owners think their contents insurance will cover their instrument but often, it doesn’t. Too many people have a low-amount of insurance for their contents or if you do use your instrument for business purposes, it won’t be covered, and that’s why it needs its own policy.

Musical instrument insurance is necessary as many people take their instruments out of their home to play. Whether it’s on the beach, strumming away on a guitar or playing in a live band on stage, your home insurance will almost definitely not cover you. If you should damage it, lose it or have it stolen, there’s little you can do and with musical instruments costing thousands of pounds, in some circumstances, you will be stung with the inconvenience of replacing it.

While your home insurance might cover it during a burglary, it’s not something you want to rely on. And, some home insurance companies might over-estimate the quote leaving you paying too much for adding it to the insurance policy. Without the right sort of coverage, from specialists that know about instruments and their value, you cannot guarantee that you would receive the right amount of money replace or fix the instrument.

Without a doubt, if you’re a musician, a busker or if music is just a hobby, then you need musical instrument insurance. In order to protect your livelihood, your prize possession and your play-thing, you can insure your violin, your piano, your guitar or any other instrument you have. Ensuring you have the right insurance means you can effectively have more peace of mind when playing it and when storing it. If it’s a rare Gibson Les Paul guitar, then you should really make the step towards insuring it immediately!

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