Paintball Airsoft Insurance Looks After Your Shooting Business

When you’re running a paintball or airsoft business you need to cover your back and protect your customers by investing in paintball airsoft insurance. Having the right sort of cover will not only be beneficial for your company, in the event of accidents, theft or fire damage to the equipment or premises, but if there is an injury to your customers that result in a personal injury claim, you will have the correct liability insurance.

With airsoft and paintball, it’s of paramount importance to be safe and even with the protective equipment, the markers can still cause pain. If the customer removes the eye-protection for instance even though they’ve been told not to, a paintball or pellet could damage their eye. This would be where having the correct liability insurance would come into play. What’s more, there is employers’ liability and workers’ compensation to take into consideration, should something happen to your staff.

They are both fun activities but potentially dangerous, even a twisted ankle or knee could see a customer or a member of staff out of work, and that would incur a loss of earnings claim. This is why it’s so important to have the correct paintball/airsoft insurance for your outdoor leisure business. By having specialist insurers dealing with your company, you can be assured that they will assess your every needs as not all paintball or airsoft companies are the same, which can have an effect on insurance premiums.

Some have courses outdoors, some indoors and some in obscure places or in forests. The potential for an insurance claim going against your company is therefore high. Also, having the right cover will protect your equipment from being damaged or stolen which would leave you having to shell out for new gear, which would eat into profits. Only choose an experienced broker that has experience in your niche industry and is accredited by the relevant authorities.

If you’re looking for liability insurance for your airsoft or paintball company, then you can have peace of mind in choosing one that is specific to the leisure activity industry. If you explain that your company might expand, then the leisure industry is a vast area and the insurance company can usually accommodate other areas of leisure activities, which you will be most likely looking into diversifying into. Ensure your staff, your business premises and your customers are safe with the right sort of paintball/airsoft insurance.

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