Private Hire Taxi Insurance

Private Hire Taxi Insurance is almost indispensible when you run a private taxi service. When you have your own business insurance is something to cover you in the event of an unforeseen circumstance or accident. In most cases this is liability insurance, protecting you from entanglements with a third party.

Whenever an accident happens which involves your business vehicle you may be held accountable or liable. This can result in mounting legal fees and a large court settlement. Some small businesses owners have tried to pay these debts out of pocket and quickly found themselves bankrupt and out of business.

With a Private Hire Taxi Insurance policy you can be insured this will never be you! Not only does this all encompassing comprehensive insurance cover your liability, but also it protects you against loss of income resulting from an accident.

When you rely on your taxi for income and it doesn’t run you can lose money. It’s nice to know that you are covered in this event.  Also, if your taxi is badly damaged your insurance will help you find a suitable replacement for a specified amount which is to be negotiated at the time of your sealing the deal with your insurance provider.

Being on the road can result in a lot of problems that may be unforeseen, one can break down anytime of the day or night without assistance. This insurance makes sure that your drivers are not left alone in the dark. Also this form of coverage gives you cab-shield protection which will pay to replace your windshield should it become cracked or damaged. A windshield is one of the most important parts of any taxi vehicle. Even if the taxi can run if the windshield is damaged, you cannot legal use the vehicle. All this makes Private Hire Taxi Insurance a policy you cannot pass up!

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