Protect Your Business With Outdoor Pursuits Insurance

Outdoor pursuits insurance is one type of insurance that is a must for any outdoor pursuits or leisure-based business. With corporate events, stag-dos and birthday parties heading to the great outdoors for group leisure activities, it’s vital to have the right sort of cover as people will and do unfortunately injure themselves on trips like these. With outdoor pursuits, there is a danger of injury, personal loss, theft of possessions and that could lead to loss of earnings. With public liability, you can have a little peace of mind in case you should have a personal injury claim made against your company.

Outdoor pursuits companies are fast-becoming more and more popular in the UK and around the world, due to the team-building relationships, the togetherness and fun activities that you can do. From treasure hunts, rambling and even kayaking, there are lots of different aspects that need addressing to the insurance company. In many circumstances, an insurance assessor will come out and check your premises and the pursuits in general, in order to give an accurate quote.

Without outdoor pursuits insurance you would be liable for any injuries and as many outdoor pursuits include high ropes, zip lines or rock climbing, the chances of injuries are heightened. With professional indemnity, full liability cover, advice and tuition cover and indemnity to cover ‘other persons’, you can feel assured of being fully protected and your customers will also feel more comfortable knowing they are in good hands.

By having the right sort of insurance, you can conduct your business in a more professional manner and although no one wishes the worst to happen, if it should, you can fall back on the insurance company to help you with any financial difficulties that are encountered. Insuring your outdoor pursuits business can also help if you have any equipment stolen, as that would mean the next customers would not be able to use any and if they are already booked up, you would lose revenue. This would account for any loss of earnings and an insurance company would be able to help here.

Outdoor pursuits insurance is therefore very important for any outdoor pursuits business. If you’re running a company from a forest or on trips to areas where there is fun, but also danger, then you need to be fully insured to cover you for liability and also, employers’ liability for your staff.

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