Protect Your Clubs and Yourself With Golf Insurance

Golf insurance might not be the first thing you think about when you get up on a Sunday morning and reach for your clubs, but think about a stray ball that could injure you and keep you from working, the loss of earnings attached to that, or if you’re the one to blame for catching the club house’s window. These costs, plus the risk of having your golf clubs stolen if you’re a regular golfer and travel to different clubs or take them abroad to play, are just a few things that you need to take into consideration if you’re a golfer.

Insuring yourself and your clubs will not only give you that added peace of mind that a lapse in concentration could equal you having to pay hefty fees and compensation, or if you lose your clubs. You’ve already invested a lot of money in those clubs and golf balls, so it would be an annoyance to have to dip into your pocket again to replace them. Even the best golfers in the world fall victim of a nasty hook and with public golf courses always having cars in the car park or driving past on the motorway, luxury homes and apartments that overlook the greens, or people wandering around, there is always a chance for you to be landed with some liability charges.

Golf insurance can cover costs such as private healthcare, dental charges, vehicle damage, loss of earnings to you or a third party and replacement clubs or equipment. Not only that, but you can insure yourself as shoulder, hip and knee injuries are common amongst golfers and if you’re unable to work, then the insurance can help out. Whether you go on holiday with your clubs, slice a ball and it unfortunately hits someone, the clubs get stolen or you incur costs from damages or personal injury then insurance for golfers is important.

It’s these stresses and additional costs that you simply don’t need in your life, at any time, and that’s why many golfers choose to protect themselves, their clubs and any liability against them with golf insurance. Without it, there is a huge risk of being out of pocket, not only to replace your expensive clubs, golf bag and golf balls but if you were to injure someone and get landed with large medical costs while you’re abroad or dental costs in the UK, and we all know how much that can be!

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