Protect Your Track With Go Karting Insurance

Go karting insurance is required for any business that runs an outdoor or indoor go karting track. This type of insurance falls under the umbrella of Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) but can be acquired on its own, also. With around 20-30 go karts racing around a track at relatively high-speed and customers’ possessions left, there is a definite need for this type of insurance, not to mention it’s a legal requirement of any business that partakes in these activities.

The insurance for go karting tracks will protect your business against property damages and injury claims from another person. This level of general liability is needed as with any type of motor-sport there is a potential for danger and injury at any time. There is also an umbrella liability, an add-on for an alcohol liability and ‘all risks’ coverage for your equipment and track against fire vandalism, storms and theft. You will want to have a loss of income coverage, also, because should the karts be stolen, the track damaged or the building/office be damaged there will be no income made.

Another reason for go karting insurance is the medical cover and personal injury liability. As go-karting can be dangerous and there are potential risks with injury, although there is usually a contract agreed to relieving the go kart centre of any liability, there is still a risk of being sued. This insurance can cover costs that may be incurred although a signed waiver before the customers go on track is still required.

As insurance for go karts and go karting businesses differs for each track, you can have a site inspection by a risk assessor and an insurance representative. This means that the coverage will be tailored for your business and be more likely to a true representation of what you need. With safety inspections, loss control, go kart inspections and risk management, you can be assured that your business is insured properly to the right specifications.

Go karting insurance is a necessity for any go karting business. It can save you from court cases, liability and loss of earnings. Without it, you would be treading on thin ice as it only takes one accident of a customer to land you with a fine, jail sentence and a loss of the business. Ensure your customers’ safety, your business’ safety and give both parties peace of mind and a happier, more successful business.

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