When you rent or have a bar, pub or club open to the public, Public House Insurance is a good bet to cover you for potential problems that can occur.   It is particularly useful as it encompasses all the things that are particular to a public house, so instead of purchasing a large number of different policies, you can get one that covers you for liability, loss of earnings, and more esoteric problems such as loss of liquor license.  Optional extras include loss of earnings due to employee theft, subsidence, computer breakdowns – allowing you to feel really secure in your business.

Public House Insurance covers is your property for one thing. It covers you in the event of theft of merchandise or if someone hurts themselves on your property from no fault of their own. Most businesses are put out of business by lawsuits and the business owner is made to pay these fees and settlements out of his own pocket. It can be rather costly in some instances.

Also if you are an establishment like a pub or a restraint, half of your income will be in cash. If someone were to come in and rob you at gun point, Public House Insurance has you covered for that and if someone was shot and injured during this robbery as well. It is an all encompassing insurance policy that will protect you personally from being attacked in your personal wallet.

This insurance is also good for hotel establishments who have guests coming and going. It covers lost or stolen luggage of your guests as well as anyone who may run out on paying a massive hotel bill. This form of insurance is not privatized so you can shop around to find the best deals on Public House Insurance and secure your business.

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