Safeguard Your Tackle and Rod With Fishing Angling Insurance

Angling or Fishing tackcle insurance might not be the first thing you think about when you’re packing up your bait box and heading to a river, the sea or to a lake, but think about the amount of money you’ve invested in your rod and tackle. Many anglers or fishermen spend thousands of finding the right mix of equipment to go fishing with, but many don’t realise that there is insurance for your own fishing gear available.

This means that if you are at a recognised venue then you can be insured if you were to cause costs or damages accidentally to other equipment. If you trip and fall, and it causes you to miss work and lose earnings, then you are covered. If you are temporarily disabled, then you can claim. If you have booked yourself in for an event and have to miss it due to illness or an accident, then the course fees will be reimbursed. And, if you’re night fishing and lose or have your equipment stolen, then you can be covered for damage, theft and accidental loss of the equipment.

Fishing/angling insurance also covers your tackle. If you have nets, rods, a tackle box with flies, lures and hooks, as well as waterproof clothing, they are all covered with this type of insurance. When you total up how much money the equipment costs that you take fishing, it can run into the thousands and you wouldn’t risk any other items you have that are so costly without insuring them, would you? That’s why if you lose, destroy or damage any of the equipment that is declared then it will be replaced on a like-for-like basis.

It can be a dangerous sport fishing and that’s why having the right amount of insurance cover is important. Everything we do and compete in these days has a potential for a court case and if you were to damage someone else’s equipment or injure them accidentally, you’d be held responsible and it’s a cost that you could do without. That’s where insurance for fishing and angling comes into play.

Fishing/angling insurance is one of the easiest decisions to make when you tot up the total cost of your fishing rod, tackle and other equipment. In the same way as your home contents insurance, it’s one of those costs in life that will simply give you peace of mind should the worst happen.

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