Stay Safe With Children’s Soft Play Area Insurance

Childrens soft play area insurance is an insurance that is specifically designed for soft play areas and where children are at risk of injury while playing. It might not be something that you immediately think is dangerous but as with many seemingly normally things, children have a knack of creating a potentially dangerous situation. This is where having the correct insurance, not only for your company’s reputation, but for the child and the child’s family is very important.

Protecting your company against a law suit or a court case if anything should happen to the child is vitally important and by having the correct liability insurance, it shows that your company has integrity and should be trusted. With this type of insurance policy, it’s important to stipulate whether or not the parent or guardian will be responsible for the child(ren) that are on your premises. In some cases, there might be a soft play area manager who will look after the children if the parents aren’t present, and that would mean a slightly different policy, or add-on, would be needed.

An insurance company that will perform a site inspection to analyse the risk of the premises and the soft play area, advise on tips to make it safer and check for any eventuality is a great idea. With that report, and one for an independent safety inspection, you can usually lower the price of the insurance premium. Children’s soft play area insurance not only covers the toys and play equipment, but food and drink stock, other contents, fixtures and fittings, computers and electrical equipment, buildings, goods in transit, glass, business interruption (at varying levels of time, money, personal assault to staff, legal expenses and depending on the size of the soft play area, you can add other aspects to the policy.

As you can see, it’s not just for the protection of the little ones that play at your premises or the staff, but it can cover many aspects of your business. Children’s soft play area insurance is therefore not only a good idea, but it’s imperative to have for your company to succeed and have that protection to fall back on, if the need ever arose. Of course, it’s a good idea to talk through with an insurance advisor to see if there are any aspects of the business that could be covered or if there is something that makes your business different to any other which would need adding to the policy.

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