Minibus insurance is the insurance which is required by law in the UK if you are planning to drive a minibus. Just like most other specialist types of vehicles in the UK, there is a separate insurance policy which covers minibuses. However what you have to remember is that if you are using the minibus as a public or private shuttle service you will need to take out taxi insurance, as well as mini bus insurance.

Who Needs It?

Insurance for minibuses is required by anybody who intends on driving a minibus on Britain’s roads for any commercial, non-profit, or private purpose. The only exception to minibus insurance is that if you are using the minibus on a hire and reward basis (such as with a taxi) then you will need to take a look at taxi insurance in order to be fully covered.


A Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) license will be needed if you intend on driving a minibus most of the time. While driving a minibus voluntarily or driving a minibus with nine people or less can be done without a license, you do need to be a minimum of 21 years of age in order to do it.

A PCV D1 entitlement will also be required if one of the following statements is true and relevant to you:

• You will be paid for driving the minibus.
• You passed your driving test after 1997.
• You will be towing a trailer with the minibus.
• You are employed to drive a minibus by a college or school.
• The minibus has a weight of 3.5+ tonnes.
• You have held a full UK driving license for less than twenty four months.

Factors and Cost

The cost of your minibus can be influenced by a variety of factors which an insurer will look at before determining the price of your premium.

• Costs may be reduced if the driver has taken a Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme.
• A driver who is aged older than 25 and under 60 will typically have lower insurance costs.
• More expensive and heavier vehicles will mean higher insurance premiums.
• Additional security measures on the vehicle can lower your insurance costs.

Another Option

If you are someone who is intending on using a minibus for short periods of time then it’s possible to get short-term insurance for minibuses. This option is incredibly useful for schools, which may only be using the minibus for a week at a time. And it’s also a great option if multiple organisations intend on sharing the vehicle between them.

When taking out short-term insurance, though, make sure that it gives you all the cover you would expect out of a long-term policy by reading through your policy carefully before committing to anything; remember to read the small print!

All minibus insurance should be purchased though a reputable UK provider such as

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