Why is Car Insurance Cheaper for Women?

According to the Documentation Center of Insurance, the accidents caused by men are more expensive than those caused by women. In addition, women are 2.7 times less prone to accidents than men. This difference is explained by the fact that women tend to lead more small cars than men, mostly in town and occasionally under the influence of alcohol.

Auto insurance is cheaper and suitable for the need of women

Indeed, while discrimination based on sex in access to goods and services is prohibited, the European Commission allows insurers to offer discounts to women on their car insurance premiums! In addition, services specifically tailored to women are offered: assistance with flat tires or running out of fuel, etc.

As you can see, if you are a women, you can take benefit of a cheap car insurance Northern Ireland. This might sound quite sexist to men, but the truth is women are better drivers, despite the myth that they can’t drive. According to the quotations of the insurance companies, that offer cheap insurance Northern Ireland to women, they are better drivers than men are.

The car insurance companies have made numerous researches in the past years and they have developed the idea that, overall, women are not involved in so many accidents as men at the time they are driving. At the same time, there are less women drivers that are involved in motor vehicle accidents. One more aspect is that the women drivers do not commit so many vehicle related crimes as the men drivers do. On top of all these, women are more likely to obtain their driving license on the first try than men are.

All these statistics show that the women are better drivers and that they deserve cheap insurance Northern Ireland. They do not get the discounts because they are women, but because of these above mentioned statistics.

The women drivers are thus safer than men and they can take benefit from this. Of course, being a woman and having a cheap insurance Northern Ireland will not help you renew your premium at the same price in case you are the main cause of an accident. If this happens, you will have to pay more, because you are not considered to be a safe person for the roads. So be careful when driving and you will get benefits when it comes to the renewal of your premium insurance.

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