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March 2012

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

by Mitko on March 30, 2012

For any business, insurance coverage is important. Finding the right coverage is even more important. Also with a business one needs to get goods to the customer, which is just as important as being covered for any accidents or liabilities. Sometimes a company or business will have a commercial vehicle. Usually these are vehicles which […]

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Commercial Landlord’s Insurance

by Mitko on March 27, 2012

Commercial Landlord’s Insurance is quite similar to buy-to-let insurance, but will also cover any business which is carried out on the property. Your tenant may use part of the property as a place to live in and another part to operate their business. In this case, commercial landlords insurance will give you the suitable cover […]

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The Internet is the best way to locate cheap taxi insurance.  In the old days, one would look up the insurance agencies in the phone book.  Perhaps if the town was small, one could go to the companies and talk to them in person.  Today, all that has changed with the internet.  One can look […]

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Coach Insurance

by Mitko on March 24, 2012

Being in business requires a business owner to be insured for many events and would-be accidents. Some can be accounted for, while others are acts of God which are unforeseeable. Some businesses which require insurance are those which offer services to the general public, such as a bus service. Most commonly referred to as Coach […]

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