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March, 2012 | Main eInsurance - Part 2

March 2012

Need the cheapest minibus insurance?

by Denise on March 23, 2012

Where do you find the cheapest minibus insurance? The best advice for you is to go on to the internet, as the web is a mine full of information. Here you are able at leisure, to browse through all the options available, and then, it is easy to make a decision for which of the […]

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Chauffeur Insurance

by Mitko on March 21, 2012

Chauffeur Insurance has some major misnomers to it. For one thing, this form of insurance does not function like taxi insurance. As a matter of fact this insurance is completely different. There are some distinct differences in this insurance. A chauffer business is classified as a business which uses executive cars. These vehicles are required […]

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Cheap car insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on March 18, 2012

It is almost certain that you have heard the phrase “women drivers”. You might be among those who have said it at least once. Male drivers believe they are the best and grunt on women drivers who are supposedly bad, careless and too slow. The truth is far from that. Actually, the insurance companies come […]

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Buy to Let Insurance

by Mitko on March 18, 2012

When you own property as a landlord you become responsible for many things. It would be good to know that out of all your responsibilities on a day to day basis, that some of the more problematic potential problems are covered, such as your liability in the event of an unforeseen accident. Your property should […]

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