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May, 2012 | Main eInsurance - Part 3

May 2012

Being able to compare car insurance in Northern Ireland is becoming a lot easier with more companies entering the marketplace and offering online quote systems. There is also the advent of new companies that let you compare prices on the one website and look at the features of various policies side by side. With the […]

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Professional indemnity insurance. It’s regularly spoken about and everybody is encouraged to take it out, and in many places it’s compulsory. However, what does it actually do? Is it of any use or is it just one of those things that has to be paid for despite the fact that it has no real use? […]

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Office Insurance

by Mitko on May 17, 2012

The term office insurance is a basic insurance scheme. We can say insurance is a type of risk management. Mainly it is used to give protection against hazards and unexpected losses. Insurance is defined as the fund transfer from one to another entity in the above mentioned circumstances. Compare Office insurance covers the specific requirements […]

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Motorcycle Courier Insurance

by Mitko on May 14, 2012

Sometimes a business needs to promote itself. In this act of promotion, sometimes a business will offer a form of delivery or a courier service. Sometimes a courier will have their own form of transportation such as a car or a bicycle; in other instances a courier may have a motorcycle. This is where it […]

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