In the United Kingdom there are special black cabs called Hackney Cabs or black cabs. You will find these cabs still operate today, primarily in London and large cities like Edinburgh. Even though some of these cars are still used today as transport vehicles some Hackney Cabs are privately owned. In either case, to operate a Hackney Cab legally one needs Black Cab Insurance.

To begin with a driver needs to meet some qualifications before you can even apply for this insurance. A black cab driver needs to have past the Knowledge Test. They also need to be of age and have a sterling driving record.

Once a driver has met these qualifications they can apply for coverage. This coverage covers everything from liability of accident to roadside assistance. This is great, because in the event of an unforeseen accident sometimes these things cannot be helped and people want to have the law involved and they sue for damages.

Under this policy all your damages are covered for both your vehicle and that of the third party who was driving. Legal fees are expensive and it is nice to know that you have these items covered. Also if you find yourself broken down on the side of the road this insurance will help you with roadside assistance and even in the event that your cab’s repairs cannot be fixed it will cover you for a pre-agreed amount of money.

This sum will be predetermined when you apply for your coverage. Even if this insurance was not required by law you would be silly not to have it. Black cab insurance cannot be beat, when you own a black cab you are probably working for a living using it as your sole source of income. This insurance will also cover you in the event of loss income where you cannot drive your vehicle, leaving you money from your policy to get by till you can drive your cab again.

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