The benefits that come with a good insurance plan have been well documented. The convenience and relief insurance policies guarantee have made them extremely popular, both at business and personal level. Nearly every other month, you get to hear of a new policy that has been introduced to meet demand. However, not all these products are worth a second glance. Business medical insurance is one of the policies you shouldn’t ignore. In simple terms, this is an employer-sponsored health cover that caters for business owners, employees and often, their dependants also. With more and more people becoming increasingly concerned about their health and national healthcare becoming less reliable, this policy is an interesting investment for a business.

Benefits of this Policy

It is true that any good insurance policy comes with a host of benefits. However, this amedical insurance policy has some unique benefits. If you are an employer of any kind, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy in return for the premiums remitted:

• Affordability: Not every employee can afford to purchase health insurance on their own. However, group medical insurance allows your employees to benefit from economies of scale translated into reduced premiums.

• Higher claim rate: When you insure tens or even hundreds of employees, the probability that they or their dependants will benefit from the insurance policy is much higher than when each one buys a personal policy.

• Employee loyalty: a good business medical insurance plan enjoys significance as an employee benefit parallel with company cars, expenses and bonuses.

In addition to having loyal employees, you can also file for tax deductions for the amount spent insuring your employees’ health. In case there are any accidents within the premises, it is good to know that along with your employee liability cover which will look after any compensation, the health insurance will look after the well being of the injured party if necessary.

The big question to be answered is whether your employees will be expected to make a contribution to be afforded the rights to the insurance. It is a hefty cost and very few firms can afford to offer all employees free health insurance. It is therefore important that, for this to be truly a staff benefit, the premiums are made affordable to all qualifying employees.

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