It seems like every time we turn around we’re paying for one type of insurance or another. Home insurance, car insurance, life or health insurance – there seems to be no end. Yet, without this insurance coverage, where would we be if an accident or disaster happened? Auto insurance is an area where many try to skimp on, which can be a huge mistake. Some car owners, particularly those living in Northern Ireland, often have difficulty finding both good and affordable car insurance. Northern Ireland residents often run into a wall of frustration trying to find auto insurance in the UK. Why is this and what can they do to get the best possible car insurance?

One main reason why so many UK insurance companies will not provide car insurance in Northern Ireland is that this area has seen so many troubles in past years, causing many car claims and insurance premiums to skyrocket. In the last couple of decades, prior to the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland went through a period of civil unrest, which resulted in many vehicles being stolen, damaged, destroyed or used in illegal activities.

Because of the high number of auto insurance claims, the premiums increased and many companies in the UK refused to offer auto insurance coverage to drivers in Northern Ireland. Another situation that caused many problems with obtaining car insurance in Northern Ireland was that many cars either were involved in bomb situations or were actually used as bombs.

Northern Ireland has also been known, historically, for having a high rate of racing cars at high speeds, joyriding and stolen cars. All these situations in Northern Ireland caused insurance companies in the UK to stop offering auto insurance to drivers and when the coverage was offered, the premiums were very high. The lack of car insurance coverage meant there was less competition between auto insurance companies, allowing them to charge higher premiums for their services.

Since a lot of the civil unrest and hostile situations of the past has ended, more auto insurance companies in the UK are willing to offer auto insurance. Northern Ireland drivers, both young and old, are also being made aware of ways they can ensure their premiums are as low as possible. While, obviously, there is little they can do about the lack of competition among car insurance companies in Northern Ireland, they can take measures such as having the best possible security on their cars, making sure, they’re parked safely each night, driving safer and taking the normal precautions with their cars.

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