Car Insurance Northern Ireland

Insuring a car in Northern Ireland can be a tricky business. Because of the country’s past, insurance premiums have shot up generally and it can be difficult in some areas to access affordable cover. In reality, Northern Ireland actually has fewer claims than popular areas in England but motorists are still suffering due to the tortured history of this nation.

Because of the immense damage often done to cars parked on the street during violent clashes between rivaling groups, insurers were not keen to offer decent deals to consumers. The risks were high however since as far back as 1998 risks have reduced significantly thanks to the Belfast Agreement.

In the height of the unrest, cars were often graffitied or damaged, and even stolen for use to block roads or reach the action. Unfortunately this has scarred the insurance industry in Northern Ireland. In addition to this, there was historically a high proportion of accidents per capita however even as these numbers are reduced, residents face extraordinary policy pricing structures. Some towns and suburbs are still today considered to be too risky for insurers and those who live in these areas can struggle to find an insurance policy that isn’t filled with exclusions or too expensive to purchase.

More recently however, out of area insurers are entering the market to offer car insurance in Northern Ireland. This means that the local companies are facing increased competition and having to operate against larger multi-national companies that can offer acceptable coverage for less expense. This is slowly filtering through to consumers and if you search online there are more insurers available for your car today than there ever was before.

One of the best ways to ensure your insurance premiums are lower is to make sure you have the capacity to store your car in a secure or off-road position. This gives insurer’s one less box to tick against your location as it implies that your car is less likely to be stolen than one on the street, ready to go and pointing in the right direction. The added risk to an intruder is that in the time it takes to get the car street-ready the owner could interrupt.

When looking for car insurance in Northern Island it is important to shop around, compare quotes and ask questions. Some insurers may be willing to beat the prices offered by others and you’ll never know this if you don’t question the providers.

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