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Business Insurance

Insurance for Tradesmen

by Denise on June 16, 2012

Are you a painter or a bricklayer, relying on personal recommendations for employment? There may be times when you have to suffer from an illness and no work coming in. In another scenario, a landscape gardener while laying out a new garden falls over some rubble that he had not noticed and breaks a leg. […]

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Business Insurance Northern Ireland

by Denise on May 27, 2012

A business insurance Northern Ireland can protect your business against damage or loss assets. The cost of insurance depends on the insurance company that assess the likelihood of damage and the amount of which it should do if it would cause. This guide provides information for different types of insurance – commercial or general – […]

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Professional indemnity insurance. It’s regularly spoken about and everybody is encouraged to take it out, and in many places it’s compulsory. However, what does it actually do? Is it of any use or is it just one of those things that has to be paid for despite the fact that it has no real use? […]

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Enter the Freelance Courier Business

by Denise on May 5, 2012

Some people are just not cut out for working in an office for the whole day. Some people prefer to do something different, and that something different could come in the form of a courier business. But how can you start their own courier business? Vehicles If the individual can’t afford one or more vehicles […]

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