Cheap car insurance Northern Ireland

It is almost certain that you have heard the phrase “women drivers”. You might be among those who have said it at least once. Male drivers believe they are the best and grunt on women drivers who are supposedly bad, careless and too slow. The truth is far from that. Actually, the insurance companies come to prove us that women are considered better drivers than men, offering them lower car insurance premiums. Next time you are going to grunt some sexist phrase, think twice; Why is Car Insurance Cheaper for Women? What is that you don’t know? What makes insurance companies offer cheap car insurance Northern Ireland to women?

Statistics show that only 20% of car accidents are women’s fault. Statistical facts make the insurance companies offer women much lower premiums than to male drivers. Of course, since insurance companies check and double check everything before deciding who is the most capable driver and who deserves better rates,  the fact that women do get lower prices means something. What? The opposite of what men think. Women can drive and they drive better than men.

Researches over years prove that women do not get involved in many accidents; if they do they are usually minor ones with minimum damages. Men tend to cause or get involved in more serious events and in the 90% of fatal accidents. Moreover, men are more prone to auto crimes than women and break the law more often than women do. By default, men get more tickets than women while driving. A funny fact is that in general women get their driver’s license much faster than men, passing their exams on the first attempt.

Since women are not considered drivers of high risk – generally speaking of course – the majority of car insurance companies offer them cheaper rates than to male drivers. These cheaper rates have nothing to do with the fact that women are the so called “weaker” sex. Women are offered better premiums because they deserve them and because the statistics stand by them.

Reaching general conclusions such as “women are better drivers than men” is not right of course; it is way too general. Women drive more carefully and abide by the law more than men do; thus they are safer drivers and more qualified to get cheap car insurance Northern Ireland, or at least cheaper than men get from the same insurance company.

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