A mini cab is a passenger vehicle that can be hired for transportation. If you are looking for cheap mini cab insurance, you should check out the different insurance companies that offer mini cab insurance. A mini cab can have four doors or a hatchback. Some private hire ‘minicabs’ can carry up to four passengers or up to eight passengers in a MPV type vehicle. One very important part of being a mini cab is that the driver cannot pickup people unless they have previously booked the vehicle. Unlike a hackney carriage, the driver must always have a booking to pick up the passenger. When you are ready to find a cheap mini cab insurance policy, you will find many places that can help you out. Do a web search for cheap mini cab insurance and you will find a great deal of sites that can provide you with a very economical quote for your mini cab.

Mini cabs compete with the licensed hackney carriages that can pick up anyone without a booking. With the advent of the Internet, it has become easier to book a private hire ‘mini cab’. You can use the web, the phone, the fax, or go in person to book a mini cab.  Mini cabs are regulated in London by the Public Carriage Office. Twice a year the vehicle must pass an inspection at a special garage that is licensed for this work. Make sure you know what coverage you need for a mini cab before you begin to look for a policy. If you have trouble finding an affordable policy, you might consider using a broker. Brokers have connections with many different companies and they may be able to find you the type of coverage you need at a price that you can afford. Finding cheap mini cab insurance is not impossible for you to do and many companies are available that want to help you to find the best possible policy that will keep you legal and still protect your livelihood. Consider a taxi insurance broker to help you find that cheap mini cab insurance policy you require.

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