Children’s Soft Play Insurance Overview


With more and more parents finding it necessary for both to go out and work, the demands for professional childcare are more prevalent in today’s world.
This in turn has resulted in the formation of an abundance of childcare facilities, both by private enterprise and local authorities.
A Children’s Soft Play Insurance package, whilst comprehensive, provides the Operator with the peace of mind that adequate insurance provision is in place, to provide cover against loss or damage resulting from virtually any eventuality.

Types of insurance

Public,and Employers Liability
This range of insurance policies form the cornerstone of any Children’s Soft Play Insurance package. These policies cover the Operators legal liabilities for bodily injury or death to third parties as well as damage to their property. Children whilst playing, can easily become injured no matter what precautions the Carers may take and in such a case, a claim could well be instigated against the operator for such an injury.
The same possibilities for injury or damage exist with Employees but with both of these insurances in place, the Operator will have sufficient insurance cover to protect against any such claims along with the provision of legal expenses incurred whilst defending any claims.

Contents, Toys and Play Equipment, Electronic Equipment
Within a general Children’s Soft Play Insurance package, there are additional sections that will provide cover for loss of or damage to the general contents of the premises. However, the cover is also extended to include the children’s toy and play equipment, as well as any electronic equipment such as televisions, audio facilities and general computer equipment. The cost of repairs resulting from a breakdown in electronic equipment may also be included under this section of the policy.

Other Insurances
Depending on the size of the centre and the number of children attending, as well as the facilities provided, a range of additional insurances may be necessary. These could include insurance cover for: –
Stock of food and rink
Refrigerated food
Business Interruption
Personal assault
Personal Effects of Customers and Employees
Additional Legal Expenses

Where children are concerned, it is far better to be safe than sorry and therefore the Children’s Soft Play Insurance package is so designed to enable special insurances to cover further specific risks that may be identified within each individual Children’s Soft Play Centre.

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