Commercial or Home Office Insurance Tips

Like any insurance what is bought is the knowledge that when something does go wrong then you are covered and do not have an expensive nightmare on your hands. Every UK office today has expensive computers, software and equipment that can very easily be damaged or stole and this is one thing that can be protected with office insurance. Liabilities also need to be covered as office’s have responsibilities to staff and customers that need to be adhered to.

Who is Office insurance for?
If you have a working office whether based at a leased premises or in your own property then home office insurance would benefit you. It needs to be a high concern because even if your office runs smoothly there are potential losses, liabilities and damages that could occur at any time.

What does office insurance get you?
Standard office insurance will protect your business against loss, theft or damage to any office content or premises. Offices obviously include public liability as employees and customers who enter the office environment can make a claim if any damage is done to their goods or person whilst on the premises. The health and safety must be looked after and insurance will compensate if this is violated and this can often be expensive.

Employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement with hefty fines accrued daily so if an office has employees this is your first priority. Professional liability is also a factor that needs to be covered especially if your business offers any specialist or expert services. If a client feels your work is not to the standard expected or there were mistakes, expensive legal fees can be sidestepped if you are protected by office insurance. Additional coverage can protect portable office goods too such as mobile phones and laptops. Most offices will have a small amount of cash on the premises so this is also covered against theft or loss. There various different insurance packages you can buy to get coverage unique to your offices needs.

Watch out for…There are many office insurance companies and online sites, so like with all purchases make sure you do your research. The insurance your office needs might be different than what they offer so don’t be tempted by cheap cover that doesn’t really protect all your office needs. Further still check it is professional, qualified staff that you discuss options with before you buy as sometimes they might have their own agenda.

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