Dental Insurance Northern Ireland

Having dental insurance in Northern Ireland is important because it will help you to meet costs associated with private treatment and allow you to avoid the long and often slow moving NHS waiting list. With private dental cover you can feel confident that any oral needs will be met in a timely manner.

Public funded dental treatment in Northern Ireland is quite limited and there is a specific list of people who are eligible. If you are not then you’ll have to cover all out of pocket expenses by yourself. With dental insurance some of these costs will be reimbursed, in some cases completely. It’ll also help reduce the overall cost to you of having regular treatment and keeping on top of preventative options.

You’ll need to be completely upfront on any insurance applications or you might find claims can be rejected, leaving you seriously out of pocket. By doing so you’ll be able to make sure that your cover is secure and you can rely on your claims being approved.

Dental cover offers a patient for some of the cost towards general treatment and checkups that are considered routine and completed at regular intervals, saving you a percentage. It’ll depend on your level of cover how much you actually get returned on a claim so if you intend to use a dental policy heavily you may want to consider a higher cover.

If you are getting older or expect that you’ll be unable to pay the full costs of more extensive treatment that may come up then high cover will also give you good financial limits that you can access. This can cover the cost of extractions, wisdom teeth removal, braces, dentures or any other major work. It’ll also cover costs when seeing a specialist such as an orthodontist other than your regular dentist.

Using dental insurance in Northern Ireland is a good way to avoid having to wait on lists for NHS cover and see problems get worse as a result of it. If you’re ineligible for free through the NHS then it’s definitely worth looking at getting good dental insurance so that your able to visit a private dentist as soon as problems arise, and avoid being caught out without enough spare cash to do so. Usually you’ll find dental insurance can be a component of a broader health insurance policy however some insurers in Northern Ireland will offer you specific dental policies if this is your preference.

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