Driving Instructor’s Insurance

There are certain professions which require special insurance. One of these professions is a driving instructor. As a driving instructor you are requires by law to have Driving Instructor Insurance. This is just one of the many things that are required to be a driving instructor, up there with your driving license and your driving instructor license or permit.

If you thought the risks of getting in an accident as a driver was high just wait till you factor the risks of a driving instructor. Driving Instructors Insurance works just like an average person’s car insurance. It covers the instructor and the vehicle which they are driving. Sometimes a driving instructor will use their own vehicle or a vehicle supplied by their company, or even the person’s who is being instructed in some cases. Normal everyday auto insurance does not cover these aspects.

Driving Instructor Insurance covers the basics of what regular car insurance covers; theft, accidents, and most of all liability coverage. The difference being it also covers your students as well when they are either a passenger or behind the wheel. These are the factors which raise the chances of an accident for a driving instructor when one who is not too skilled in driving is placed behind the wheel.

A driving instructor can have a driving instructor insurance plan which is either paid on a monthly basis or on a yearly basis. Be warned though, the yearly basis payments are expensive in one lump payment. This is because of the high risks involved with driving instruction. This coverage also includes hospital bills and other medical bills which may result from an auto accident that happens during a driving lesson. The insurance coverage is for all manner of individuals, whether they are a novice driver or a highly skilled professional driver.

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