Getting hackney carriage insurance is no different to get than other specialty insurance policies.  The hackney carriage began as a horse-drawn cab and today the hackney carriage is any taxicab licensed by the PCO, Public Carriage Office.  A hackney carriage is also taxicabs that are licensed in other non-metropolitan areas by the local authorities.  Some horse-drawn carriages still exist in several parts of the United Kingdom.  A hackney carriage is allowed to move along the streets and allowed to pick up passengers.  UK regulations allow this taxicab to pick up passengers that have not booked in advance for a pickup.  Minicabs are private for hire vehicles that must be booked in advance.

To find a hackney carriage insurance policy, you can go online and do a general search for insurance carriers.  Many regular insurance companies offer insurance for the hackney carriage but you might find better prices with someone who specialises in hackney carriage policies.  Many of these companies offer black cab or hackney carriage policies.  You will have to determine how much coverage you are looking for.  If you desire the minimum, the price may be cheaper depending on the other drivers, number of vehicles to be insured, and vehicles used.  The PCO has certain minimum requirements that your policy should cover.

One way to find a better policy and at a lower price may be to visit an insurance broker.  Brokers have a greater amount of knowledge about what the various insurance companies may charge for what you have decided you need.  A search for brokers can help you to get the best and most cost effective policy.  Instant and regular quotes are available on many websites.  The instant quote can provide you with a general cost but you should consider speaking with someone in the office as he or she can fine-tune your policy needs and perhaps provide you with an even lower cost.  Many of the policies will include free services that you will not have to pay for.  Check out the hackney carriage insurance policies that most companies offer; you will find them remarkably close to the same policies for black cabs.

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