Health Insurance Northern Ireland

Nothing can be more devastating or destroy our financial happiness than being caught with unexpected medical bills and no health insurance to help pay them. Health insurance is a huge concern all over the world and one that should not be taking lightly. Whether you’re single, married or part of a large family, you need some type of health insurance. Northern Ireland has laws stating that all residents are entitled to health care provided by the public health care system and managed by the Health Service Executive.

Some Health Care Provided 

The residents of Northern Ireland are required to pay a subsidized fee for any health care service they receive. The amount they pay will depend on their age, income, disability or illness. Maternity services, emergency care and health care for children is provided free.

Different types of health care cards are offered to Ireland residents depending on their health care needs, age and income. The National Health Service’s goal is to provide all the residents of the UK, including Northern Ireland, with healthcare that’s free of charge but it’s not always possible.

In spite of the helpful health care coverage provided by the Health Service Executive, it’s not available to everyone and many find themselves and their families still in need of private health insurance in Northern Ireland.

Finding the Best Health Insurance

Because the cost of good health care is often expensive, the cost of good health insurance in North Ireland is also going to be costly. When looking for health insurance, there are certain things you’ll need to consider before purchasing a policy. The amount of your excess (deductible) will play a large part in how much you’ll pay in premiums.

The excess is the amount you’ll have to pay out of your pocket before the insurance company begins to pay. While a large excess amount will provide you with a lower premium, you’ll also have to pay more each year when you do incur medical expenses.

While some health insurances offer policies that cover just hospitalization, others will pay expenses for routine medical bills and office visits. Because of the services provided by the National Health Services, most health care charges are waived for children under the age of sixteen, which may alter the type of private health insurance you’ll need to get.

Although there are some people that have the need for private health insurance, few residents of Northern Ireland purchase it but rather use the services provided by their government.

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