When you are in the trucking industry and you drive a big rig for a living there are two kinds of insurance you need to look into. Both HGV and LGV Insurance can become your best friend if you are in this industry.

HGV Insurance helps you stay protected on the road. This insurance covers all the eventualities that one may encounter on the road in their job. If an accident happens on the road where there are damages, these damages will be covered by your HGV insurance. This is to insure that you do not have to pay out of your own pocket for something that happens on your work time. This insurance also offers some wonderful fringe benefits such as roadside breakdown assistance and replacement vehicle cover. This insurance is wonderful as it doesn’t just cover you financially but it also covers your ability to operate your rig legally. This makes HGV insurance almost essential in the world of truck driving.

The second insurance, the LGV or Large Goods Vehicles is another insurance required by truck drivers. This insurance functions in correlation to the HGV insurance. LGV insurance also covers other drivers who may collide with you on the road as well as the items you are carrying in your rig. Transportation is the essential part of any truck driver’s job and business, having coverage for these things is essential.

Once again there are many things you need to consider when you go to choose your insurance policy. As usual the first is the level of coverage you want with your insurance. This includes the breakdown assistance, public liability, legal expense and windscreen protection. As inconsequential this points may sound now they are important when a claim comes to be made. This will of course affect the price of your coverage but in this day and age sometimes you can’t afford to have too low a level of coverage.

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