Historic Difficulties when it comes to Northern Ireland Insurance cover

It is a certain thing that most of people have heard about the troubles with Northern Ireland insurance, because of the numerous acts of violence that were seen in the seventies and the eighties. If you are a resident of the Northern Ireland, you are definitely aware about the impact of this historic difficulties on the premium insurances, mostly when it comes about the motor vehicle premium insurance rates.

The criminal activities seemed to be centered on the vehicles and there were reports about vehicle thefts or even cars, vans or buses burnt out. This is still an important problem of the Northern Ireland insurance, mainly in the regions of Londonderry and Belfast. There are still youths that steal cars and make races with them on the public roads. There is no wonder the major insurance companies are prepared for that with exorbitant premiums, when compared to the ones available in Scotland, England or Wales.

These days, Northern Ireland is undergoing a period of peace and this is the reason you might expect the Northern Ireland insurance to be reduce significantly. On the contrary, this is still not the case. Some of the major insurance companies are still having high prices on the insurance policies and this can be seen by comparing the premiums with the ones in England and Scotland. For example, in England the average premium for a car is around £200, at the same time as the Northern Ireland insurance is close to £ 600. If you are a new driver, you can expect to pay up to £2000, which is an exorbitant amount.

The major insurance companies claim that there is still a need for these high rates for the premiums. The compensations payouts seem to be another important factor that contributes to the high premiums that are requested for the Northern Ireland insurance.

More and more people consider that it should be a middle ground when it comes to Northern Ireland insurance, because these high premiums affect people and have a bad impact on the economy of the country as well. Some of the ideas that can contribute to the decrease of the rates of the Northern Ireland insurance are a new system of testing for people who want to obtain their driving license, some advanced testing for the older drivers as well as some campaigns for the safety on the public roads.

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