Are you a painter or a bricklayer, relying on personal recommendations for employment? There may be times when you have to suffer from an illness and no work coming in.

In another scenario, a landscape gardener while laying out a new garden falls over some rubble that he had not noticed and breaks a leg. He is going to be out of work for a considerable period, so what will he do to for a living and cover for his expenses.

Then, there is the case of a carpenter who through an accident with a worktable, broke his right arm making him unable to work for a while.

What all these people, and others like them need is tradesman insurance with cover for them being able to claim for incidents when they cannot work through illness or casualty.

A tradesman insurance policy includes public liability for payment of claims of injury and property, due to work that proves substandard, or materials used that prove inappropriate for the particular job. Personal Accident and Sickness cover is also provided. As you are a self-employed person, this is a vital requisite for you. The same goes for your tools and equipment, which are your daily requirement, for enablement to carry out the work for which your services are required.

For some of the jobs, you need to use other people to assist you. For this, you need employers liability cover against any injury they might incur while they are in your employ.

With many of the policies for tradesman insurance, cover is included automatically for business interruption, with other policies; it is on offer as an optional extra.

Do not rush to sign up for the first insurance policy quoted, with the many insurers available for offering you a policy, you have wide choice. Go on to the internet and spend time viewing what is offered, and compare them all before you make a decision. Make sure that the one that you do sign for does cover everything pertaining to your particular needs. The insurance industry is very competitive, so make sure you get a good deal that includes optional discounts.

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