Invest in the Best Bouncy Castle Insurance

Bouncy castle insurance is vital for any bouncy castle hirer. Although it’s just a large balloon, there are parts that can breakdown, the motor for instance, or worse still, it could burst. With the risk of a child’s birthday being ruined, if you’re suitably insured then the insurer can organise any compensation to the family that hired the bouncy castle and that helps hold onto your reputation during an unfortunate event.

There are two stages to insurance for a bouncy castle, one is damage to it which is covered above, and not only protects the person hiring it but for your company too. Bouncy castles aren’t cheap to replace and with the correct insurance you can claim for loss of earnings for each day it’s out of service. The next stage of the insurance is employer liability. This covers you and the company for any accidents, injuries or mishaps that can occur. With bouncy castles, there is a risk of children bouncing off onto the ground and hurting themselves, or an adult damaging their knee or leg while playing.

Without the correct liability insurance for bouncy castles, your business’ profits can soon be diminished with one simple court case. By law, you’re required to have insurance for this eventuality and at the risk of being sued, it’s vitally important to have a sufficient amount of liability cover. With only a small investment of a monthly payment, you’re essentially saving yourself from heartache and your business folding should a claim be made against your bouncy castle hire company.

Bouncy castle insurance is therefore one of the first aspects of your bouncy castle business that you should organise. As the unit will be transported to its destination, used by many people, is potentially dangerous for accidents and has a motor that could breakdown or cause a fire, in extreme circumstances, it doesn’t bear thinking about not having the right insurance.

With any business, it’s important to cover all aspects and be willing to invest money where necessary. Bouncy castle insurance is one of those necessary costs and for such a small outlay, it can help protect and maintain your business’s reputation and profits. Your accountant will also see this as a very good investment and will most likely be able to give you more insights into exactly what extra items of insurance will be more beneficial. Don’t put yourself, your company and your customers at risk by not having the right insurance policy for your bouncy castle business.

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