Legally-Required Inflatables Insurance For Your Inflatables Business

Inflatables insurance is fast-becoming more and more popular due to the increase of inflatable-hiring companies. Although hiring out inflatables and allowing children, and adults, to play on them for parties, gatherings and events, there is still a potential risk of injury and with injury it means you will be held responsible, and that’s why a good insurance policy is needed. The inflatable party industry has changed the way parties are held nowadays as people feel they add an atmosphere and a unique attraction for their party.

As security and safety is very important, there is only so much you can do to keep people from injury, as knees can twist, ankles can break or people get over-zealous with their bouncing on a bouncy castle or inflatable and fall onto the ground. This liability is left with you and with personal injury claims being so common, it’s important to cover yourself for any eventuality. Apart from the initial cost of buying the equipment and the motor to inflate the inflatable, there are few costs aside from maintenance that are required, which means there is plenty of scope to add in insurance, especially as it will save you money in the long-run.

Inflatables insurance will cover your business in the event of damage to the inflatable which means there will be a loss of earnings. This is important for any business, no matter how small or large, as a dent in the amount of stock you have diminishes the profits. Inflatables are also used in swimming pools and at large events, where there is arguably more chance of injury or damage likely. To save yourself from financial heartache and losing your reputation from a nasty accident, then it’s best to be fully insured, and in many circumstances it’s a legal requirement, too.

The insurer will need to know where you plan on offering the inflatables for hire so that they can sufficiently created a risk assessment. If they are going to huge public events or a back garden for a child’s birthday, in swimming pools or in a park, there will be different coverages and stipulations required. This is where you might need to have a one-off insurance policy per event. Although it might cost a little more, it will be more tailored to that one event and cover you more fully. Inflatables insurance is a necessary cost that you can easily add into the rental charges.

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