Life Insurance Northern Ireland

Life insurance in Northern Ireland used to be a very costly policy to have. Along with most other types of cover, due to the violent past and issues surrounding Northern Ireland it was easier for companies to increase their premiums than ignore the history. Due to the calming of the country in the last decade or two, life insurance premiums have begun to drop significantly.

The reason you’d consider life insurance is if you’re concerned that your position in a family wouldn’t be sustained if you were to pass away or become permanently incapacitated. Almost every life insurance policy allows a provision to add critical illness cover and this is very much a recommended option as it has a somewhat higher chance of occurring during the time you hold your policy and will allow for your cover to be worthwhile.

There are a range of cover options available to residents of Northern Ireland and there are a few main similarities across companies. While you must always check the individual policy you are considering purchasing before you buy, these basics give you an idea of what to look out for and where you start your search.

The two main styles of life insurance in Northern Ireland are level and decreasing term life insurance. The affect the payout offered as well as premiums that you pay. The latter are always the cheaper of the two as the cover’s payout will fall as your mortgage does. This is a policy that is best for covering mortgage expenses above all else and will allow any remaining family to take complete ownership of the home or your share of it.

With level life insurance policies you generally find that the payout will arrive as a standard, fixed total that can be used however necessary by your surviving family. These also generally offer cover for diagnosis of a terminal illness and allow earlier payout if this occurs.

They are usually available as a single or joint policy – which means that you and a spouse can be covered together and the person who dies first draws the policy to a close, with the surviving partner paid the covered amount.

If you’re considering life insurance in Northern Ireland make sure you look around at the prices offered by various insurers. Now that larger companies are taking the chance to offer insurance to residents you may find lower prices available than some years ago. You’ll also want to make sure the plans cover your potential needs properly.

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