Dying or losing a loved one is never something we like to think about, but it’s a real fact of life and something everyone must endure at some time, making the need for life insurance a reality. Although you may find it difficult choosing the right kind of life insurance, Northern Ireland offers many insurance companies and brokers to help you make the right choice. It’s never easy finding affordable life insurance with adequate coverage.

What Type of Insurance Do I Need?

Choosing the right kind of life insurance is a big decision and one that shouldn’t be made lightly.  The amount of life insurance you need will depend on several things: your age, your type of lifestyle, how much your survivors need, what your future needs are and what you can afford. When looking for life insurance in Northern Ireland, keep in mind that there are many insurance companies wanting to offer you coverage. Just because they offer you a good rate doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best policy for you and your family.

The two major types of life insurance Northern Ireland insurers will hear about are whole life and term life. While whole life offers you an investment option, the premiums are going to be higher whereas term life offers no investment options but provides death benefits with lower premium. Once you’ve determined how much you or your family need in death benefit, you can determine what you can afford. Do not purchase life insurance that you will wind up dropping because you can’t afford the premiums. Even a smaller death benefit is better than no benefit.

How Much Coverage?

Many people make the mistake of basing their decision on the cost of the premium rather than the death benefits they or their family will need. The first thing you need to decide is how much money your survivors will need to replace your lost income. Losing a loved one is devastating enough without having to worry about a lack of income coming in.

If you’re single, you don’t need as much life insurance. Northern Ireland insurance companies can help fit you with the right life insurance for your needs.  A single individual is only going to need enough to pay for funeral expenses while a married person will need coverage to replace loss of income as well as any debts they do not want their spouse to have to deal with. Children do not need a high death benefit, as there is no loss of income or debts to pay other than funeral expenses.

How to Save on Life Insurance Premiums

Do not get more coverage than you can afford or than what you and your family need. Life healthy – do not drink or smoke and get regular checkups to ensure you’re healthy. These things can make a big difference in your premiums.

Get your life insurance while you’re young and the premiums are the lowest. If you already have auto or home insurance, consider going to the same insurance carrier for your life insurance. Northern Ireland insurance companies will often give a discount for multiple policies. Most importantly – Shop around!

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