Marquee Hire Insurance Saves Your Company From Financial Disaster

Marquee hire insurance is one of the first aspects you should consider when running a marquee hire company. With the large demand of people wanting some covered outdoor space to hold parties, celebrations and weddings, it’s vital to be suitably insured to protect your company against compensation claims and to insure the items themselves in case of damage or theft, which can be crippling to any company.

Owning a tent hire business means you will be transporting the marquees, hiring them out to the public and there will usually be lots of people around them so the chance of injury or damage to the marquee is high. This is why having the correct public liability insurance is vital for your business in order to retain its reputation and not be stung financially. Employers’ liability, damage from fire, water or theft of the marquee is something you need to factor into to your costs. Without the correct insurance, you could be liable for injuries, replacement marquee tents and it means that current regulations and requirements from event companies will be met.

When it comes to marquee tent hire insurance it’s important to remember to research exactly what type of cover you need. If you predominantly hire marquees out to corporate events and high-traffic areas, you will need a higher threshold of public liability and employers’ liability. With weddings and birthday parties, the need is less but it’s still required, and here, accidents are more likely to happen as well as damages due to the ‘party’ atmosphere that happens at these types of celebrations.

In order to run a successful marquee tent hire company it’s best to have sufficient insurance coverage in place for any eventuality. Even if you run a very busy tent hire company, it only takes one large court case or personal injury claim to smash your reputation to pieces and cause your company huge financial difficulties, all of which could have been avoided with the correct insurance coverage.

Marquee tent hire insurance is required by the MUTA Codes of Practice, which states that all marquee tent hire operators should have sufficient and necessary insurance coverage for individual events. This means that by law, you’re required to have damage, theft, personal injury and personal injury liability insurance. This will protect your finances, your company and your reputation amongst corporate employees and the general public who rent out marquee tents for weddings and celebrations.

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