Motorbike Insurance Northern Ireland

Motorbike insurance in Northern Ireland is picking up and there are increasingly more providers offering policies to riders. As the area has shown stability over recent years and motorbikes are easier to securely keep off the road, prices are dropping and more people are able to afford good quality insurance.

As with any other type of motor insurance the younger and less experienced you are, the higher your insurance premiums will be. As these factors change so will your premium. It’s important though to keep a clean driving record or you may never get relief here, as those perceived as high risk drivers and riders are not considered for lower priced premiums.

There are a few ways that you can reduce the cost of your premium depending on the circumstances around your motorbike. For example, installing alarms and immobilizers are both good ways to reduce some costs as it becomes less of a theft risk.

Another way to drop the cost of motorbike insurance in Northern Ireland is to look at raising the excess level you are prepared to pay in the case of a claim. You can often vary this cost quite substantially but be realistic about your capacity to pay should the time arise. If you cannot pay your excess your insurance policy will be worthless.

If you can, use the motorbike for only limited trips. Don’t take it cross-country if you can avoid it because the higher the kilometers travelled regularly, the higher the premium.  Consider instead using a family car or public transport to travel long distances. This is a great way to have the freedom a motorbike can provide in your everyday life but keep the cost for insuring it down.

If cost is still a concern then you should consider the companies that offer you monthly payment plans for insurance. You will be required to pay at least your first month’s cost before you can make any claims but this is a really easy way to reduce the cost and avoid being stung by a very large bill once a year when it’s renewal time.

When look at motorbike insurance in Northern Ireland you can also consider a split policy. Some insurers will offer a summer/winter arrangement where you can have it fully insured when you ride it most and avoid paying a lot of money in the months where it may be completely unused.

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