Motorcycle Courier Insurance

Sometimes a business needs to promote itself. In this act of promotion, sometimes a business will offer a form of delivery or a courier service. Sometimes a courier will have their own form of transportation such as a car or a bicycle; in other instances a courier may have a motorcycle. This is where it becomes a bit more difficult. When a courier is delivering items on their own motorcycle they need to cover themselves with a form of Motorcycle Courier Insurance.

Everyday these couriers not only risk their lives but also their motorbikes in the line of duty for their job. A courier who uses a motorcycle needs a proper insurance policy that only covers their vehicle but also their self. It is very easy for someone to cover their motorcycle for all sorts of activities and purposes, such as private use or leisurely use but it becomes a bit more difficult to insure when one is using one’s motorcycle for a living.

There are certain qualifications one needs to meet before they can become covered by any insurance company. One, a motorcycle courier has to be seventeen years of age or older. Second, they must have a clean driving record and third, a potential courier needs to have a NVQ level 2 Carry and Deliver Goods qualification. Without these three points a company won’t even consider covering a person.

There are three basic levels of coverage available – third party coverage which covers fire and theft, comprehensive which covers for almost every occurrence that could happen on the job, and full compensation which not only covers almost every occurrence on the job but also covers your employer’s liabilities as well. Of course once again all of these vary from company to company and can be different depending on the type of insurance provider you settle on in the end.

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