Protect Your Staff and Customers With Activity Centre Insurance

Activity centre insurance is one of the first investments your company should make when running an activity centre. With the increase of fun from activities, the increase of risk matches it. The risk of injury, damage to property and accidents that are associated with activity centres is high and that’s why it’s very important to be thoroughly insured for any mishap or eventuality.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and compared to an office environment where the most common injury is a fall down some stairs, with activity centres the risk of injury is far greater due to the nature of the business. With high ropes, outdoor rambling, wall climbs, travelling over precarious mountain-sides and river activities, the chance of someone falling, hurting themselves or needing medical assistance is greater. This is why the activity centre must be insured so that it the liability indemnity can cover any damages or loss.

With most insurers, there is a £5 million liability indemnity although this can be raised if there is a need. It is a good idea to ask an insurance risk assessor to come out to the activity centre to see the type of business and activities that will take place. They will complete their risk analysis and be able to come up with a more accurate quote. It’s not only for the customers of the activity centre that need to be insured, it’s the staff too. If there are experts in certain fields who become ill or injured, then the company needs insurance for any business interruption, which is another aspect of the activity centre insurance that can be stipulated during the assessment.

It’s important in this industry to work with the Institute of Outdoor Learning as it shows that your company has worked with the governing body of outdoor activities. This makes the insurance more tailored to your specific business and shows a certain responsibility that is very favourable to customers and staff. There are special insurance policies that are available for the instructors, too, which offers them full liability cover, free indemnity to other persons, professional indemnity and advice and tuition cover. This is all vitally important for those that are teaching and guiding customers through different activities, so that not only the instructors are covered by the guests also.

As you can see, activity centre insurance is important for any company in the activities industry, from outdoor pursuits to rock climbing in the wild.

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