Public House Insurance for Pubs Bars and Clubs

Pubs are obviously high risk businesses for potential hazards. Public House or bar insurance protects your property and your business from potential claims made by customers against damage and liability. A drunken customer can trip or fall and without insurance this can be mean your pub is held responsible for the injury inflicted. Further still if out of control behaviour was experienced by the customer and damage done to the property you might have double the expense to deal with.

Why buy Public House Insurance?
Public House insurance will cover you in two vital ways. Firstly the property itself and the contents of the public house would be covered against damage or theft. Secondly liability is protected so if a customer is hurt on the premises and the pub is held responsible then your insurance will deal with the legal fees and defence. Employer’s liability insurance is a legal necessity for a pub unless you are the unlikely situation where it is just you and family members running the pub. Any cleaners or temporary staff have to be counted as employees – so to avoid a fine of £2,500 this needs to be purchased straight away.

This insurance is especially important as staff have to deal with customers consuming alcohol so are also at a potentially higher risk or injury or harm befalling them. Specifically to public houses obviously there is also loss of license policy that can be bought and therefore any the loss of earnings that would go alongside this would also be covered. Business interruption for public houses and theft by employees are two policies that your pub might require. The financial compensation that your insurance company will provide will help you stay in business if such unfortunate occurrences took place.

What to watch out for when buying public house insurance!
Depending on the size and location of your pub the insurance will vary too so make sure you have done your research on what you think need to be covered so you do not end up paying for damage that you thought was covered in your policy. If your pub is a historical or listed building the policy may need to be adapted to cover the additional value of this as more modern pubs may be more adapted to health and safety requirements. Similarly, pubs that serve food or bed and breakfast need to have slightly varied cover.

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