Quad Bike Insurance is More Important Than You Might Think!

Quad bikes have becoming more and more popular in the last decade than ever before. They are used on the roads, nowadays, and still off-road on leisure trails and rides around forests, sand dunes and anyway else an off-road vehicle can go. From the Yorkshire Dales to the Cotswolds to the Pembrokeshire coast, there are tonnes of places to go quad biking and that’s why quad bike insurance is so vitally important.

With many quad bike companies on the continent and further afield not offering insurance, holidaymakers find themselves with medical costs, loss of earnings and court cases on their hands. Don’t be another statistic, ensure your company and your customers are protected with the right sort of insurance. Choose an insurer that has dealt with quad bikes before and all other kinds of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), so that you know you’re in good hands with them.

As quads are easy to ride but notoriously easy to tip over on their side, it’s important to spend time training new riders but there will usually be one person that is over-zealous when turning and not be able to correct the quad tipping over. They are heavy machines, normally more than motorbikes, and are quite unforgiving if they land on a customer. Even with protective gear on and a helmet, they are going to be in pain. Also, when on a quad biking ride you might take the customers to streams and narrow routes, which again adds to the potential accidents.

Quads are expensive to buy, yet another reason for quad bike insurance, and replacement parts are also expensive. It’s the law to have insurance for quad bikes but finding the right one that knows your industry and has dealt with ATVs before is a good choice. With the right sort of liability insurance you can promote your company with gutso, feel more confident in offering rides to holidaymakers, stag-do parties and birthday celebration groups, so that everyone can be happier.

With quad biking, you need to supply reflective jackets, helmets, gloves, waterproofs and many other equipment which can be damaged, stolen or lost. These are very expensive to replace and this is where you need the right insurance for the job. If you can save yourself from financial turmoil in the event that something happens to your equipment, then you have justified the price of quad bike insurance there and then.

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